Yindigo - Perfect Bath Set

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Exclusive to Pantechnicon


Evening Out Aroma Cream (15g): Conditions delicate and dry skin. Focusing on the balance of water and oil, it keeps the skin moisturized by protecting it so that it wraps around the skin. Leads to moisturized skin.

Murakami Bath Salt (250g): Meaning 'Stoic Intimacy', the blended essential oil gently colours the bath time. It leads from dry and hard skin to smooth skin.

Murakami Body Wash: A liquid soap with essential oils. Keeps your skin clean with a refreshing feeling due to the firm foam. It has good de-foaming and a cleanly finish.

Cotton towel/Scarf

Brand Description 

Tokyo-based Yindigo AM has a holistic vision of luxury that utilises natural materials and scents that are therapeutic and sustainable. The brand ergonomically designs loungewear for lasting comfort and also reuses the botanic ingredients from its range of therapeutic oils to make the dyes for its garments.