Westoveralls - 801S Denim Jeans

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The pattern is different from conventional jeans, giving a space around the waist, adjusting the line from both sides of the out seam and in seam, and setting the knee position higher than usual, so that you can relax when wearing it. The silhouette is neat and it is designed so that it is hard to see on the outer leg and the silhouette does not collapse even when the knee comes out after wearing.


26: Waist 68cm, Hips 93cm, Rise 26.5cm, Inseam 64cm
27: Waist 70cm, Hips 96cm, Rise 26.5cm, Inseam 64cm
28: Waist 73cm, Hips 98cm, Rise 26.5cm, Inseam 64cm
29: Waist 76cm, Hips 98cm, Rise 27cm, Inseam 66cm

Brand Description 

"It rises in the West and sets in the East". Westoveralls was founded in 2017, inspired by designs in Nimes, France. Settling in Japan, the brand's clothing became especially popular in America and other Western countries.