Vital Matrial - Aroma Diffuser

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An original blend of aroma oils that uses plenty of plant and fruit essential oils.
Natural dried herbs and fruits are luxuriously enclosed in a bottle, and the scent of the original plant material heals the five senses.

Contents: 400mL


A blend of bergamot essential oil and bitter orange fragrant distilled water makes you feel the fruit.
A fruity scent of squeezed bergamot oil that is fresh, sweet and soothing.


Fresh sweet orange and essential oil extracted by steam distillation have a slightly sweet and bitter scent.
It contains several essential oils and makes you feel like a luxurious floral bouquet.

Rose De Damas
Rose De Damas is characterized by a rich fragrant scent, and the scent is praised as "the queen of roses".
A gorgeous rose scent that creates a sense of elegance and luxury with musk and amber based on the luxuriously scented damask rose fragrant distilled water and essential oils.