Varsity Headwear - Navy Sport Series

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Durable and technically-sophisticated cap for the athlete and athleisure-ist. Made from a lightweight soft-shell fabric, this cap is designed to withstand the elements. The cap is lined with a breathable viscose material and has an inner seam tape to keep the cap's weight low. At the back, you’ll find an adjustable nylon strap with stainless steel rings to personalize your fit and Varsity’s signature logo.

Exterior Fabric: 57% Polyester, 30% Polyurethane, 13% Nylon
Interior Fabric: 65% Polyester, 27% Viscose, 8% Cotton
Strap: Adjustable (+/- 1.5 CM) Nylon Strap
Cap Care: Hand Wash Regularly with Mild Textile Soap