Varsity Headwear - French Olive Linen

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The French Olive Linen cap is made from the finest linen woven in the Piemonte region of northern Italy.

This makes the cap lightweight, breathable, and the perfect choice for hot summer days. At the back you will find an adjustable nylon strap with stainless steel rings to personalize your fit and Varsity’s signature logo.


Exterior: 100% Linen

Interior: 40% Polyester, 30% Cotton, 30% Viscose.

Brand description

Varsity was founded by two brothers from Norway, Alex and Seb, with the goal of creating the perfect cap. From the beginning, we have focused on perfecting the fit, feel and fabrics of our caps. Relentless in the pursuit of our mission - we have developed beautifully made, quality caps to meet the demands of our customers and withstand the test of time.