Uka - Rebirth Serum For Scalp

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Composed of over 93% naturally derived ingredients, this formula is ideal to take care of your scalp:

- Improves blood circulation (vanillyl butyl, extract of belamcanda chinensis roots, extract of rosemary leaf)

- Helps to maintain elasticity and flexibility (apple culture extract, placenta protein, prumum mumu fruit extract)

- Relieves inflammation (thermal spring water, green tea leaf extract)

- Hydrates the scalp (hyaluronic acid, reishi extract)

- Maintains a clean and healthy scalp (peony root extract)

Brand description

"uka" means "emergence" in Japanese.
Kiho Watanabe is a world renowned Japanese nail artist with six salons in Tokyo. She created uka nail oil and a line of hair and body care to help women and men in today's busy world.
uka is dedicated to using natural and organic ingredients to enhance and bring an added joy to everyday beauty routines.