Uka - Nighty Night - Hair Treatment

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Formulated with argan oil and shea butter to add glow to your hair. Helps repair damaged cuticles and offers firm control of dry and damaged longer hair. As with the shampoo, it is a scent that recalls a tranquil night that hugs you gently with clemency.

1) The combination of argan oil and shea butter leads to shiny hair. This product repairs hair cuticles, working as a mask that makes hair shiny. It will also help to thoroughly repair damage to long hair.

2) With a combination of barley extract, amur cork bark extract, and sandalwood extract, these plant extracts enhance the function of the barrier that protects your hair.

Brand description

"uka" means "emergence" in Japanese.
Kiho Watanabe is a world renowned Japanese nail artist with six salons in Tokyo. She created uka nail oil and a line of hair and body care to help women and men in today's busy world.
uka is dedicated to using natural and organic ingredients to enhance and bring an added joy to everyday beauty routines.