Uka - Hair Oil

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Ingredients of plant origin with many benefits such as acai, moringa and organ oil as well as amino acids that repair damaged lenghts and provide a natural shine.

Particulary rich in amino acids and vitamins, the precious acai oil from tropical regions delicately penetrates, making your hair easier to style. 

On The Beach

Protect hair from UV rays, leaving it hydrated, radiant and easy to comb. Contains the perfect balance of oil and hydrating elements to untangle and tame hair without weighing it down.

Wind Lady

This oil protects hair from dehydration and static electricity, leaving it soft, supple and easy to comb. Non-sticky, this straightening hair oil prevents frizz caused by dehydration and coloring, leaving hair supple, soft and easy to comb. Prevents frizz and static electricity caused by the wind and drought

Rainy Walk

Protect hair from humidity, leaving it hydrated, shiny and easy to style.

The delicate oil penetrates easily in order to control the wavy hair and ruffled by humidity in order to restore its natural shine

Brand description

"uka" means "emergence" in Japanese.
Kiho Watanabe is a world renowned Japanese nail artist with six salons in Tokyo. She created uka nail oil and a line of hair and body care to help women and men in today's busy world.
uka is dedicated to using natural and organic ingredients to enhance and bring an added joy to everyday beauty routines.