Uka - Energy Shampoo for Men

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This shampoo is specially made for men.

Men tend to have increased scalp and hair problems such as excess oils due to oxidation of sebum, thinning hair, and premature grey hair. Uka Energy shampoo meets the needs of such men.

This is an all-in-one shampoo that doesn't require any treatment that can supply nutrition from scalp care to hair. It contains litchi extract and peony extract that lead to a healthy scalp, promoting new hair growth, as well as ume fruit extract and assembly extract that tackle men's greatest problems.

Brand description

"uka" means "emergence" in Japanese.
Kiho Watanabe is a world renowned Japanese nail artist with six salons in Tokyo. She created uka nail oil and a line of hair and body care to help women and men in today's busy world.
uka is dedicated to using natural and organic ingredients to enhance and bring an added joy to everyday beauty routines.