Travellers Notebook - Passport Size Brown Notebook

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When you open up the Traveler's Notebook, two things are immediately apparent: that a great deal of care and attention has gone into making this product and, that you'll be keeping this notebook for a lifetime.

The Traveler's Notebook features a very high quality leather cover, every one of which is handmade by local workers in Chiangmai, Thailand.

The leather itself is 2mm thick, vegetable-tanned and being genuine and unprocessed, it still has its original scratches and marks all of which contribute to its very 'raw' natural feel. The notebook very quickly acquires a well-travelled look and feel.

Unwrap your new passport size Traveler's Notebook and inside its packaging you'll find:

- TRAVELER'S Passport Notebook Leather Cover
- Prefilled with 1 x #003 plain paper refill
- Cotton Case for the Notebook
- Spare Rubber Bands: 1 x spare brown band and 1 x orange band

Brand Description

Famous worldwide for its customisable notebooks and its stunning Brass Collection, the Traveler’s Company has redefined the way people journal and take notes, whether for travel or otherwise.