Toyama - Nousaku Kataguchi Flask with Sake Cup Pair Gift Box

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This item will be dispatched after the 2nd of November.

Katakuchi pitcher made of 100% tin with one plain tin cup and one gold leaf cup.

This beautifully presented two piece sake cup and katakuchi pitcher set is designed for gifting and celebrations. Each piece is 100% tin, the most rare and precious metal after gold and silver. One cup is plain and the other coated on the inside with gold leaf.

NOUSAKAU use 100% pure tin. Tin in its pure form is the most rare and precious metal after gold and silver. Since ancient times in Japan, tin has been used for sake and tea sets as it is said that water served in tin vessels does not spoil and that tin removes excess bitterness, producing a better taste.

Tin also has high antibacterial qualities and high heat conductivity. Cool this pitcher and cups in a refrigerator for 2-3 minutes and they will keep your sake fresh and cold. A katakuchi is a spouted pitcher used for pouring sake. It can also be used as a jug for sauces and salad dressings.

Each NOUSAKU piece is hand-finished by a craftsman.

Materials: 100% tin (1 with gold leaf)

Brand Description

NOUSAKU is a metal casting manufacturer in Takaoka, a city that has been the centre of Japan’s copper industry for over 400 years. Founded in 1916, NOUSAKU began as a maker of Buddhist ritual objects, Japanese tea sets, and vases made of brass and bronze – some of the many objects it continues to produce today. 

Casting is a manufacturing process in which a molten metal is poured into a mould to form an object of the desired shape. Every NOUSAKU product starts with the creation of a sand mould, and then undergoes several finishing processes. Each piece is hand-finishing by experienced craftsmen, accentuating its material beauty and refinement.

On a visit to Japan, you can visit the NOUSAKU factory in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, for a factory tour and workshops to craft your own original piece of metalwork. Check out our Toyama travel guide to find out more.