Toyama - Kunimoto Quilt Pattern Lacquer Tray (Round)

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With the appearance of a soft quilt, you won’t be able to resist touching this lacquerware tray.  Conscious of how things can be placed on it, the designers and creators gave careful consideration to every detail, taking care not to make the unevenness too large, and using a finish that softens the light by reducing the sheen. Craft City Takaoka Craft Competition Factory Craft Category Grand Prix Winner in 2016.

Size: D 300mm x H 25mm

Material: Natural wood, Cashew finish

Brand Story

The story of Takaoka lacquerware begins when joinery craftsmen came to live in the town of Takaoka, newly opened in 1609 by Maeda Toshinaga, second head of the Kaga Domain (Maeda clan). These joinery craftsmen built cabinets and chests, applying a red lacquer to them. The popularity of this style attracted more craftsmen to Takaoka.

Established in Takaoka in 1909, Kunimoto is run by Kotaro Kunimoto, the 4th generation of the family business. Ever since Kotaro was a child, he had a vague idea of ​​taking over the family business, but he wanted to see a wider world, so after graduating from high school, he entered a design school in Nagoya. After that, his hobby grew and he got a job as a mechanic at a motorcycle shop, and also worked in Australia and Italy.

He returned to his hometown at the age of 30 to take over the family business. Kotaro was dismayed to discover that the craft industry in Takaoka was on the decline. Determined to see the family business survive and prosper, using the traditional technique of Takaoka lacquerware, he creates more free and flexible lacquerware products that blends into modern life, such as sake cups, smartphone covers, and even wooden bow ties.