Thing Fabrics - Towel Room Slippers Black

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These luxury slippers are crafted from terry towelling made from American extra long staple yarn, ensuring the highest quality comfort and softness with every step.

- Premium cotton
- Slip on design
- Machine washable
- Made in Japan

If the pile stretches when caught on something, cut it with scissors from the root. If you leave it as it is, there is a possibility that the pile will come off. 
Rest assured that even if the pile is cut, it will not come out or fray.

Brand Description

Imabari towel is renowned for the absolute quality of its materials, with a reputation backed by a long record of excellence. By creating the Thing Fabrics concept, we have added our own interpretation to the legacy cultivated in Imabari for the manufacture of pile fabrics. This ultimately led to the development of original fabrics.