Thing Fabrics - Tip Top 365 Room Beach Sandal

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The Thing Fabrics House Sandals are billed as a modern take on the Japanese house slipper, somewhat like a plush and snuggly take on the standard beach sandals.

Made from the same soft material as your towels and bathrobes, these sandals caress your feet with the same comforting feel, making them a more relaxing alternative to the beach flip-flops, sports sandals, or bunny slippers you usually wear at home.

 Size Chart UK
4.5 24
1 6.5 26
2 8.5 28


Brand Description

Imabari towel is renowned for the absolute quality of its materials, with a reputation backed by a long record of excellence. By creating the Thing Fabrics concept, they have added their own interpretation to the legacy cultivated in Imabari for the manufacture of pile fabrics. This ultimately led to the development of original fabrics.