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A UK exclusive product. 

Organic Uji Gyokuro 50g

Japan is famous for its rare 'Gyokuro' teas which are produced in limited quantities and shaded with black curtains for 20 days prior to picking to increase chlorophyll content and reduce tannins. A favourite among tea connoisseurs, the dark green leaves impart a sweeter flavour and are edible after brewing.


Organic Superior Sencha 50g

Shizuoka Charcoal roasted Superior Sencha is aromatic with a subtle and refined balance of bitterness and sweetness.


Organic Sencha 50g

Blended with tea leaves from multiple harvest seasons this well-balanced tea is perfect for everyday and any occasion. The ultimate crowd pleaser.


Organic Yuzu Mint 50g

Organic green tea with a natural flavour of Yuzu – Japanese citrus with a touch of natural spearmint. A fresh and zingy blend, as delicious hot as it is cold.


Bo Hojicha 40g

Shizuoka A rare, full-flavoured stem (kuki) tea. The specialised sand-roasting technique roasts the stems evenly, without burning. Drink this rich blend to unwind.


Organic Genmaicha 80g

Organic sencha blended with popped brown rice for a distinctive refreshing and roasted flavour. Genmaicha’s lower-caffeine content makes this hearty and nostalgic tea suitable for all ages and occasions.


Organic Floral Mix 40g

An unexpected, playful blend, this refreshing and relaxing herbal-blend organic green tea is delicious served hot or cold. The herbs offer health benefits.

Brand Description 

SAYURI’s story is one of tradition and modernity, sophistication and simplicity, the beauty of daily moments and lifelong rewards. Setting out to honour the traditions of Japanese culture, SAYURI works exclusively alongside the very best tea farmers and organic suppliers. Never compromising on quality - with ten years of meticulous research and development before launching – SAYURI is endorsed by the world’s leading chefs and hotels. For them, it’s simple: they believe everyone would benefit from adopting a daily tea habit. It is a precious moment you can enjoy every day.