Sui Tokyo - Karin Eyeshadow Brush

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This brush has the softest bristles, perfect for overall blending of eye shadows and contour/highlight powders.

Material:  Blue squirrel hair

To create the shape of the brush, SUI TOKYO places the hairs one by one on the long wooden handle. Thus, the tip is not cut with scissors and the cuticles remain intact. The contact with the skin is softer and the brush adheres better with the powders.

The hairs are natural and selected* from different types of animals (goat, squirrel, horse) to best match the makeup textures and the final use.

*SUI TOKYO is committed to work only with ethical suppliers who do not mistreat animals.

Brand description

Since 1882, this family business has been hand-making brushes used for calligraphy. The workshop is located in Kumano, a city renowned for its great masters of the Japanese brush. 

Starting from the twenty-first century, SUI Tokyo has also been producing makeup brushes. All the brushes are handmade one by one from wood and natural hair, following the same artisanal process.