Sugahara - Saki Sake Set Frosted Wine

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With glass that has the gold rim and a delicate silhouette shaped like nested petals, Sugahara's elegant flower sake set blooms on your table during cocktail hour. The two smallest glasses are sized just right for the sake poured even from the biggest bowl. It can be used as a sake decanter while two middle ones can double as bowls for your snacks as well. However, there are no rules and it’s up to you how you use this set. We hope that this will make your evening enjoyable.

Each piece is handcrafted by master artisans who pay meticulous attention to every detail so they can nest nicely. This set can be used for wine as well and makes a perfect wedding or housewarming gift.

Size (Smallest to Largest)

W52 x H60 / W67 x H62 / W77 x H65 / W95 x H70 / W112 x H75 mm

Brand Description 

Founded in Tokyo, SUGAHARA have been developing and producing handcrafted glass products since 1932. With a reputation as one of Japan’s finest craft glass studios, SGHR pieces are recognized for their quality, practicality, and sophisticated designs. Their products are designed and handcrafted by artisans who, while keeping with tradition, also come up with new, beautiful forms of glass products by using their experience and intuition.