Sugahara - Kikino Sake Glass

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Sugahara have been awarded ‘Best in Glass’ in the 2022 Monocle Design Awards.

Taste it, feel it… this whole moment brings you the feel of ‘Japan.’

The Kikino collection gives you a passing thought of rice farmers and sake breweries, where sakes exquisite flavour comes from.

The small glasses, made in different styles, helps you reach the full and broad flavour potential of sake. Each has unique properties to enjoy sake, which is sensitive to a change in temperature.

Awa: The Awa glass is designed to reflect the beautifully unique and delicate bubbles that the fermented sake generates and exhibits the beauty and rich taste of sake. With fine sparkling bubbles and a long sweet aftertaste, the Awa glass is designed to retain the natural and creamy flavour, highlights the aroma, and prevents thermal conduction to your drink for maximum enjoyment.

Jyuku: The Jyuku is a perfect glass for mature sake with rich, mature flavour obtained after a long fermentation. The tulip shape enables the whole mouth to detect the matured sweetness and long aftertaste.

Shin: The Shin’s round shape is broad enough to comfortably swirl the sake, which releases the complex aromas while balancing the mellow taste and the rich sourness.

Sou: The Sou is designed with a thin rim and upright shape with smooth texture, allowing fresh scents of herbs and touch of minerals to arise from honjozo-shu.

Waza: The Waza is created to cherish the unique sweet-and-sour taste of Kijo-shu and other sakes with low nihonshudo (or sake meter value). It’s bowl shape also allows the taster to smell the strong aromas from sake made with white koji in high acidity, high malic acid, or malolactic fermentation.

Brand Description 

Founded in Tokyo, SUGAHARA have been developing and producing handcrafted glass products since 1932. With a reputation as one of Japan’s finest craft glass studios, SGHR pieces are recognized for their quality, practicality, and sophisticated designs. Their products are designed and handcrafted by artisans who, while keeping with tradition, also come up with new, beautiful forms of glass products by using their experience and intuition.