Stalogy – New Vintage Notebook

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High quality soft-ruled paper with a textured Gokanshi cover.

Available in six vibrant colours, this notebook is ideal for university or school work, or for projects at work.

34 sheets, 68 pages / 179mm x 252mm x 5mm

Please Note:

These notebooks have purposeful cosmetic faults, such as slightly bent or scratched covers or damage to the white sticker on the spine. The inside of the notebook is unaffected.



Cover – Gokanshi

Sheet – Fine quality 81.4 g paper (Acid-free / FSC & PEFC Certification)

Brand Description 

Hailing from Japan, STALOGY strives to maintain high standards and looks to rethink the traditional notions underpinning stationary by looking to eliminate unnecessary ornamentations and assessing what’s really necessary in order to create the next generation of writing tools, notepads and accessories. STALOGY Notebooks are award-winning and masterfully designed, with high quality material.