Snow Peak - Take! Bamboo Chair

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Founded by Japanese-born mountaineer Yukio Yamai in 1958, Snow Peak was born out of a dissatisfaction with outdoor products and a desire to create the most superior gear on the market. Hailing from Niigata Prefecture, which is also known locally as the hardware town for its history of fine crafted metal work.
Snow Peak is one of Japan's leaders in outdoor wares.

The sturdy washable canvas seat gently embraces the person sitting in our "Take!" Chair. The combination of laminated bamboo and aluminium framework, offers a beautiful design, which is rugged enough to be used in the outdoors and sleek enough to sit in any living room. Its collapsible design makes it easy to pack for a trip, or stow away at home when not in use.

Legs: Bamboo, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Seat: Canvas

Weight 3 kg

Dimensions:  550 × 630 × 750(h) mm (Seat height 420 mm) [100 × 150 × 980 mm]

Made in Japan