Snow Peak - Field Barista Dripper

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Founded by Japanese-born mountaineer Yukio Yamai in 1958, Snow Peak was born out of a dissatisfaction with outdoor products and a desire to create the most superior gear on the market. Hailing from Niigata Prefecture, which is also known locally as the hardware town for its history of fine crafted metal work.
Snow Peak is one of Japan's leaders in outdoor wares.


Perfect for cafe aficionados unwilling to compromise the quality of that first cup of coffee in the morning no matter where their adventures take them. The Field Barista Coffee Drip disassembles into six separate pieces that can easily be stowed in the accompanying travel case. Inspired by traditional pour over coffee drippers, our new cone shaped drip allows for a finer ground to be used and prevents the disaster of a collapsing filter in the wild. 

Compatible with both Chemex and Hario (or similar) V60 filters. 

Stainless steel body. Cotton storage case with Nylon band. 

Weight 150g

Dimensions:  L 150 W 140 H 105 mm (when stored flat: L 110 W 100 H 30 mm)