Skeppshult - Traditional Deep Pan With Beech Wood Handle

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Skeppshult pans have all the advantages that cast iron has to offer. Cast iron stores the heat extremely well and transfers it evenly to the food to be fried. This makes cast iron ideal for searing and then braising meat. Goulash and ragout turn out particularly tender and aromatic. Pan-fried foods such as steaks get the right browning on the outside and stay nice and juicy on the inside, vegetables stay firm to the bite and crisp. Due to the excellent heat storage, cast iron keeps the food warm for a long time and is also ideal for serving at the table.

The special thing about Skeppshult pans are the bases, which are made of 6 mm thick cast iron and are poured by hand. The pans from Skeppshult are suitable for all types of stoves, for open fires and the grill. Hardly any other product offers such a wide range of possible uses and is almost indestructible. The bases have a special concave curvature so that they always stand firmly and securely on the stove even when heated. Skeppshult pans do not scratch ceramic or glass hobs.

Materials: Cast Iron

Dimensions: Ø 20cm, H 4.5cm, Bottom Ø 16cm cm (with handles)

Weight: 1.8 kg

Care Instructions 

Wash by hand with hot water and without dish soap. Do not use the dishwasher. Dry directly after; drying on a hot stove is suggested. For a thorough cleaning of the plan, cover the inside of the pan with course salt. Warm up the pan on high temperature for 1-2 minutes, then dump the salt out and dry out the pan with paper. The product will have a grey appearance, which means that it is ready to be seasoned with canola oil. Dry the product and apply a thin layer (a few drops) of canola oil. Set the product on high heat on the stove or in the oven (products with wood accents can not be placed in the oven). After 10-15 minutes the oil will be burned in and the product is usable again. If food remnants burn onto the pan, it can be cleaned with steel wool, and then seasoned with oil again.

Brand Description 

Skeppshult’s 100 year old foundry produces professional-grade cast iron cookware with the high quality iron ore produced right at home in Sweden. Over its generations of expertise, Skeppshult has perfected the shapes of their cookware, as well the sand moulds’ unique composition to withstand the high temperatures and provide the right structure to cast the iron. While a sand mould can only be used once to cast each piece, the sand is recycled into new moulds in a sustainable cycle of production.