Skeppshult - Stora Swing Large Walnut Lid

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With a top compartment for storing spices and a lid of walnut wood with a silicone seal. The inside is treated with black lacquer and the outside treated with a black lacquer surface to avoid staining.

Do not use water to wash the grinder, as this can cause rust. Instead, use a brush to clean out any dry residue.

Brand Description 

Skeppshult’s 100 year old foundry produces professional-grade cast iron cookware with the high quality iron ore produced right at home in Sweden. Over its generations of expertise, Skeppshult has perfected the shapes of their cookware, as well the sand moulds’ unique composition to withstand the high temperatures and provide the right structure to cast the iron. While a sand mould can only be used once to cast each piece, the sand is recycled into new moulds in a sustainable cycle of production.