Shihara - One Stone Hoop Bracelet

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A single stone diamond bangle. The wire tension allows for a seamless circular hoop
that hooks in place at the hidden clasp behind the stone. 

Material: 18K Yellow Gold & Diamond

Size: M

Brand description

Japanese jewellery designer Yuta Ishihara was born in Yamanashi, Japan, and now resides in Tokyo. Ishihara studied jewellery design in Tokyo, and in 2008, he started designing and producing custom pieces. By 2010, he established his company as he started the brand Shihara.

Regardless of how minimal or delicate, to wear a piece of jewellery is to add a foreign object to your body. An oyster forms layers around an object that eventually becomes a pearl, and we, too, adapt to the initial discomfort of jewellery being worn. Jewellery slowly becomes a part of you, and a time comes when you feel uneasy stepping out of your home without it. We know there’s nothing logical about attaching an object onto your body, but we also know that seemingly meaningless detours can bring us joy.