SAYURI Teas - Organic Matcha

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Matcha is an antioxidant powerhouse that is rich in l-theanine, improves memory and concentration, boosts the immune system & provides free flowing energy & sustained focus. Matcha is vegan and supports diet & digestions, gluten free & GMO free.


All Natural Organic Matcha, 80g 

Sourced from Shizuoka, Japan’s largest tea producing region, this matcha is specially designed for easy-to-blend matcha latte, iced matcha, and culinary creations.

Harvest: Spring and Summer

Flavour Note: Bitter (Umami: Low, Sweetness: Low, Bitterness: V. High)

Use: Lattes and Mixology


Everyday Organic Matcha, 80g 

The 20-day shading process before harvest boosts chlorophyll and nutrient content in the leaves, resulting in a potent & fragrant matcha powder. Perfected by artisans with over 400 years of tea tradition.

Harvest: Summer

Flavour Note: Mellow (Umami: Medium, Sweetness: Medium, Bitterness: Medium)

Use: Lattes


Wabi Sagi Organic Matcha, 80g 

Perfected by artisans with over 200 years of tea tradition, SAYURI sources from the spring fields of Ujitawara, located at an altitude of 250m. Vibrant green, delicate texture, and with a masterfully well-defined flavour.

Harvest: Spring

Flavour Note: Full (Umami: Medium, Sweetness: High, Bitterness: low)

Use: Straight and Iced


Brand Description 

SAYURI’s story is one of tradition and modernity, sophistication and simplicity, the beauty of daily moments and lifelong rewards. Setting out to honour the traditions of Japanese culture, SAYURI works exclusively alongside the very best tea farmers and organic suppliers. Never compromising on quality - with ten years of meticulous research and development before launching – SAYURI is endorsed by the world’s leading chefs and hotels. For them, it’s simple: they believe everyone would benefit from adopting a daily tea habit. It is a precious moment you can enjoy every day.