Sakaya - Tsuchida Koji 99

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Tsuchida sake is spontaneous and unprocessed, incorporating local unpolished rice and micro-organisms such as Japan’s proud koji, natural lactic acid bacteria and ambient yeast residing in the sacred family brewery. Their sake is made in a way to enhance the flavours over the passage of time.

ABV: 15%

Rice: Asahi no Yume

Rice Polishing Ratio: 70%

Tasting Notes: Viscous, rich and sweet sake made by using an exceptional 99% koji ratio (instead of average 20%). Honey, roasted chestnuts and dried apricot with complex umami and tingly acidity.

Pairing Suggestions: Enjoy with nut-based desserts, such as almond and apricot cakes,chestnut cake, or rich & sweet meat dishes such as foie gras.