SACHI 1997 Junmai Ginjo Koshu & Bambi Glases (Pair)

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Kamoizumi Sake Brewery was founded in 1912 in Saijo, renowned as a leading sake-brewing district in Hiroshima Prefecture. Always being mindful of using high-quality sake rice, the Kamoizumi brewery has made strenuous efforts to gain cooperation from local farmers in growing “Yamada Nishiki,” the most suitable rice for its sake brewing. The brewery has also focused on various initiatives with local residents, so that the production of junmai-shu contributes to increased rice consumption, thereby helping the livelihoods of local rice farmers.

Sachi is a Junmai Ginjo sake brewed in 1997 and only 1000 bottles were made. After more that two decades of ageing Sachi is light golden is color, complex with sandalwood and spicy aromas; has rich flavours of plums and molasses on the palate. Remarkable clarity and balance. 

Bambi glasses

The super thin, lightweight, bambi glasses are designed by Kimura glass, a drinkware specialist established in Tokyo in 1910. These delicate, handmade glasses are perfect for sake, but also ideal for sherry and dessert wines. Kimura’s glasses are proudly found at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, as well as widely admired by professionals in notable restaurants around the world.