KAMO KINSHU Tokubetsu Junmai & Kikino Sake Glasses (Pair)

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Hiroshima is the biggest historical centre of sake in western part of Japan and Kanemitsu Shuzo is small but iconic brewery of the region.  Brewery’s Kamo Kinshu brand was launched 20 years ago by the current president and master brewer Hideki Kanemitsu, is specialising on hand-crafted premium sake using only locally cultivated high- quality sake specific rice.

The Tokubetsu Junmai is a ‘special’ sake style of Kanemitsu Shuzo that is brewed to relatively low ABV, %13. It has youthful effervescent character and herbaceous notes of lemongrass, elderflower and starfruit.

KIKINO sake glasses

Exclusively available in the UK at Pantechnicon, SGHR Sugahara’s KIKINO sake glass collection was designed in collaboration with sake sommeliers to enhance the flavour of sake. The eight different glass shapes in the collection are handcrafted by Sugahara’s skilled glassblowers in Chiba, just north of Tokyo.