KAMO KINSHU Junmai Daiginjo & Nousaku Small Tin Cup Leaf Set

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Hiroshima is the biggest historical centre of sake in western part of Japan and Kanemitsu Shuzo is small but iconic brewery of the region.  Brewery’s Kamo Kinshu brand was launched 20 years ago by the current president and master brewer Hideki Kanemitsu, is specialising on hand-crafted premium sake using only locally cultivated high- quality sake specific rice.

Kamo Kinshu Junmai Daiginjo is made of Omachi Rice polished to %35 and shows great balance of youthfulness and richness. Sublime and bright nose of cantaloupe melon, aniseed with pure ‘Ginjo’ aroma, is followed by smooth velvety texture with beautiful effervescence. 

Nousaku gold and tin ‘Sway’ sake cups

Each ‘sway’ sake cup is handcrafted by master craftsmen in Toyama, Japan. The soft properties of tin make them impossible to make by machine. The yure cups, a set of two pieces – one in plain silver tin and the other coated with gold leaf on the inside – are made from 100% tin allowing them to express the soft characteristics of the slightly malleable material (if you squeeze them, the sides move) and the bottoms are round so they yure (sway).