Ruhaku - Moist Charge Cream 30g

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Hydrate with sea water cream and 6 vegetable oils.

The skins of people living in a dry environment, in contact with limestone-rich water, have less ability to secrete sebum and their pores are likely to be thicker.

This moisturizing cream will make your skin more flexible and elastic with a light texture that does not stick.

The clean and biological composition of this cream contains:

- Six types of vegetable oils that protect your skin from drying,

- Brittany's beautiful seawater, cradle of thalassotherapy, which makes your skin soft,

- The Gettou plant, which, thanks to its high antioxidant level, treats damage caused by UV rays to keep a young and fresh skin.

Brand description

RUHAKU offers a range of organic cosmetics formulated with ingredients from the lush nature of Okinawa.
All products contain the active ingredient Gettou, a traditional Okinawa plant known for its antioxidant properties.
This plant is one of the rare essential oils extracted in Japan and contains 30 times more polyphenols than grapes.
By offering the vitamins and minerals from the land of Okinawa, these treatments soothe marks that can result from stress and fatigue while breathing new energy into your skin.