Rototo - Washi Pile Short Neon Socks

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These no-show socks are made of crisp Washi (Japanese paper) yarn, featuring refreshing pile lining. Made out of natural Manila hemp fiber that is also used to make paper currency, the Washi yarn has excellent water-absorbent and moisture-wicking properties.

Although it is usually difficult to pile knit Washi yarn, a special machine and artisanal craftsmanship have made it possible. The neon color design creates a great contrast with the traditional material.

Material: 43% Washi Paper, 36% Cotton, 20% Nylon, 1% Polyurethane

Brand Description 

ROTOTO socks are crafted in Japan utilising a mix of sustainable materials and advanced technology to produce socks that are the epitome of style and fit. Utilising old-school manufacturing techniques and the finest yarns, ROTOTO works hard to ensure that each pair of socks offers functionality alongside a strong aesthetic.