Rototo - Pile Foot Cover

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These no-show socks with fluffy piled soles are three-dimensionally knitted with a mix of highly absorbent German acrylic fiber dralon and cotton. The use of special elastic yarn and a unique machine which is not normally applied for socks gives excellent fit to it. Each yarn used for these socks features Lonfresh® organic deodorant treatment for better anti-odor protection.


S (23-25cm)

M (25-27cm)

L (27-29cm)


42% Cotton, 42% Acrylic, 13% Polyester, 3% Polyurethane

Made in Japan

Brand description

Rototo socks are crafted in Japan utilising a mix of sustainable materials and advanced technology to produce socks that are the epitome of style and fit. Utilising old-school manufacturing techniques and the finest yarns, RoToTo works hard to ensure that each pair of socks offers functionality alongside a strong aesthetic.