Liewood - Panda Rain Boots (Navy)

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Liewood rain boots for children are made of 100% natural rubber, free from all harmful chemicals. They come with cute, playful details in both a short and tall version – perfect for making rainy days much more fun.

• 100% natural rubber
• Free from harmful chemicals like phthalate, PAH
• Waterproof
• Tested for slip resistance on wet and dry surface making sure your child keeps a good grip.
• Tested for flexing of the sole to guarantee that the soles do not split.

Fit - true to size

To find the right size for your child, please select the size according to your child’s foot length and add some extra space for the foot to grow.
However, w
e recommend that you do not calculate too much room for growth in when determining the correct size for your child. Rain boots are naturally meant to fit a little looser than other shoes, but not too loose as it is not possible to strap the foot in. 

Brand description

Liewood creates irresistible products for the modern family – from organic textile products and soft knitwear. All together the products create a unique, pure and simple universe – and they are all a result of our 360-degree understanding of the overall design process.