@aroma -Professional diffuser All-in-One

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This professional diffuser helps create high-quality spaces and maximise the potential of essential oils without using heat. The timer operation allows you to pre-set detailed settings for each day of the week, as well as different levels of aroma concentration at any given time/day. The front face panel is made of aluminium with an elegant texture that goes well with with most décor. The diffuser is available in white or black, so you can select a colour that suits your mood or the interior of the space. You can place it anywhere and only need a plug connection.

* Diffuser cleaner (250 ml) and essential oils (450ml) sold separately

* 1 year warranty

* delivered to order 14-21 days

Brand description


Humans have been incorporating natural scents into their lives for thousands of years.
Natural scents are an indispensable part of our lives. They seep into the psyche just like scenery and music, pleasantly colour spaces, and remain in our memories.
@aroma aroma oils are made from 100% natural ingredients. We value the intrinsic qualities of natural scents, draw out their latent powers, and use them to make our living spaces more pleasant and attractive.