Postalco - Steno Paper Refill 60 Sheets

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The Steno Paper Refill counts 60 sheets. Stenographer paper has a centerline and was immediately liked by Mike Abelson, co-founder and designer at Postalco. According to Mike, taking notes with stenographer paper is quicker in a narrow column since you don't have to move your hand all the way from the far right back to the left side each time to start a new line. Stenographers' special abbreviated alphabets and tools are made to write at lightning speed to perfectly record a conversation as it unfolds. As a side, Steno paper also works well for To Do lists.

Brand description

20 years ago Postalco began by creating document holders and notebooks, but since then have turned our attention to many other items, including wallets, clothing, furniture, pens, and bags. Founded in Brooklyn, New York by Mike and Yuri Abelson, Postalco is now based in Tokyo. Inspired by communication on paper, our logo is the carrier pigeon.