Postalco - Snap Pad SQ

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Signal Red - A6
Dark Blue - A5
Faded Black - A4

These days there is more scrap paper floating around than ever before. We made these Snap Pads to capture and make it easy to use those loose papers.

Perfect for To Do lists or for working out ideas. Wrapped with Pressed Cotton Fabric for durability. Patented.

Made from pressed cotton. This fabric is made with the same machines that were used to make tent fabric. The base colour of the white threads will become more apparent and it will soften with use. To keep the natural feeling of the material we did not waterproof coat the surface. There is a light water resistant treatment. Cotton is a natural material so irregularities in the fibres are part of its character. It is possible for wrinkles to appear as well.

Handmade in Japan.

*To use make holes in the top edge of the papers with a standard 2-hole puncher and snap them into the Snap Pad. To use the A5 size, just cut the A4 (or 8½ x 11") papers in half, punch holes, and snap them in! For A6 size, cut the A4 paper into four equal pieces. Each holds about 100 sheets. 

Ready made Postalco pads also available to buy from Pantechnicon.

20 years ago POSTALCO began by creating document holders and notebooks, but since then have turned their attention to many other items, including wallets, clothing, furniture, pens, and bags. 

Founded by Mike and Yuri Abelson, Postalco is now based in Tokyo. Inspired by communication on paper, our logo is the carrier pigeon.