Postalco - Channel Point Pen Gear Silver

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Individually crafted solid metal ballpoint pen with a unique U-clip. The entire body is cut from solid aluminum while the clip is cut from solid brass. We found this combination gives the pen the solid feeling we love without being heavy. Textured rings we call Gear' finish give an industrial, non slip grip. They also improved the "click" to be smoother. Included ink cartridge: SXR-5 0.5mm waterproof ink.

Weight 28g

Handmade in Japan.

Brand description

20 years ago Postalco began by creating document holders and notebooks, but since then have turned our attention to many other items, including wallets, clothing, furniture, pens, and bags. Founded in Brooklyn, New York by Mike and Yuri Abelson, Postalco is now based in Tokyo. Inspired by communication on paper, our logo is the carrier pigeon.