Porter x Minotaur - Gym Day Backpack

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Exclusive to Pantechnicon

GYM BACKPACK using high-density nylon that is resistant to dirt and scratches.

A 500ml PET bottle can be stored in the shoulder strap, which has increased adhesion to the back.

In addition, quick-drying material is used for the part that adheres to the skin.

The waist belt is equipped with mini pockets on both sides.

The adjuster that can fix the storage part from 7 directions on the outside, up, down, left and right and the case that can be fixed to the PC inside suppress the shaking of luggage even during running.

There is a mesh pocket on the outside of the main storage, which allows you to store running wear.

It is a special item by MINOTAUR INST. And PORTER combines functionality and design, which is ideal for everyday use.

H 42cm
W 28cm
D 15cm


Brand description


Minotaur's products focus on comfort and necessity for the present age, while keeping one foot ahead towards the future. Inheriting traditional and universal techniques and elements, and pursuing new advancements for comfort and function, the apparel line maintains a casual and timeless style touch that easily adapts with the years. Utilizing the latest technology, and paying attention to every detail and stitch, Minotaur proposes a high-quality yet playful style that can be worn effortlessly.

Porter Yoshida

Porter Yoshida Kaban was established in 1962 by Yoshida & Co, famous for high standards that are still applied today to design and manufacture. Porter bags are produced exclusively in Japan. The durable nylon repels dirt and water, and the bags have a timeless appeal, which means they will both stay in style and last a lifetime.