POJ Studio - Kintsugi Kit

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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken items by mending the areas of breakage with urushi lacquer followed by dusting with powdered gold. 

POJ collaborated with a master restorer and multi-generation urushi lacquer craftsmen to bring you the most authentic version of a Kintsugi Kit. Together with a free online course, this kit allows you to practice the Japanese Art of Repair from the comfort of your home.

Many videos circulating on the internet show a version of Kintsugi that doesn’t use the traditional technique or material, often resulting in repairs that do not last. Anything you fix with this technique will be completely food safe and can be used with hot liquids once the Urushi has properly dried.

Brand Description 

POJ STUDIO sees the beauty in high-quality products that tell a story, connecting you, the craftsmen who made it, and the Japanese way of life. In bridging Japan’s artisans with the world, they hope to share the essence of simple luxury and help keep generations of tradition alive. Delivering on their core values of being ethical, functional, lasting and sustainable, POJ creates a sustainable way for craftsmen to continue their work.