Overcoat - Nylon Hoodie (Pink/Yellow)

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Using print fabric in collaboration with PETER MILES, a creator known for art direction such as many famous fashion brands, Sofia Coppola's movies, and photographer Juergen Teller's book design. Although it is a sporty and street-style item, it also incorporates tailoring elements. The spacious design in the front centre gives a drape-like feel, and is a point that fits regardless of gender or body type. The sleeve pattern, which is continuous from the body, supports various shoulder inclinations and is also comfortable to wear.


CM 00 0
Height 168 172 176
Bust 82 88 94
Shoulder Width 38 42 45
Sleeve Length 59 60 62


Brand Description 

The beginning of the OVERCOAT concept was "Wearing New York".

Designer Ryuhei Daimaru was walking around the streets of New York and noticed the awning material that is often used as the eaves of the storefront. Graphical prints of various typefaces also symbolize the diversity of the city. Why don't you make this material that is resistant to rain and wind as a coat and wear it? That idea led to the launch of the brand.

After graduating from Bunka Fashion College, Daimaru gained a career under the Maison participating in the Paris Collection, and since moving to the United States in 2006, he has been active as a top designer and brand creative consultant and pattern maker in New York.