Nuori - Supreme Moisture Mask

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This highly concentrated, yet lightweight moisturizing mask is the ultimate treatment for dehydrated and distressed skin. 

-Deeply hydrates the skin, plumps out fine lines, and restores suppleness.

- Strengthens the skin's barrier function for better moisture retention and protection. 

-Reduces redness and irritation, revives skin tone, and brings back a healthy glow. 

- Absorbs quickly after application and leaves an invisible, non-sticky layer on the skin.

Brand description

NUORI, a natural cosmetics brand from Denmark, uses only natural ingredients in their product formulations.

The fresh, young and dynamic collection is free from synthetic fragrances, preservatives and dyes. Premium protective packaging is used in order to minimize exposure to air, light and bacteria before and during use.

Highly efficient formulas and pureness without compromise.