Nuno - Pools of Light Scarf Wine

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NUNO strives to break free of existing aesthetics. This means being confident and relaxed enough to play with industrial processes in less controlled, unconventional ways, to allow accidents and unexpected results to happen. Combining traditional weaving techniques with state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing technologies, the special production processes behind each of NUNO’s unique designs rely heavily on the expertise of Japan’s highly-skilled artisans. Inspiration comes from immediate observation of what materials can and cannot do. In fact, some of NUNO's more interesting fabrics result from hands-on encounters with new, cutting edge materials and technologies. Ideas can come from anyone and anywhere—what’s most important is that the design, itself, must have a strong presence. “Will it be interesting as a fabric?” NUNO never designs a fabric for a specific purpose. They leave that up to the end-user. By wrapping a NUNO shawl around your shoulders, or tying a scarf around your neck, you become an active participant in the creative process. No matter how beautiful it is in itself, only you can bring a simple piece of cloth to life as a functional textile.

Uniformly long, fine, high-quality Merino wool is as heat retentive as it is soft on the skin. NUNO creates this classic geometric-patterned shawl on a special loom traditionally used for fukuro obi pocketed sashes.

  • Merino Wool 100%
  • Made in Japan
  • 78.7" x 23.6"