NuLAND - Rucksack

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A classic design made from material of the future. This top quality school bag is a staple amongst Japanese school children and has gained a following with adults alike due to the durability and functionality of its design.

Material: 100% polyester
*This product uses recycled polyester RENU®. Only the lining is 100% regular polyester.



Height 33 cm
Width 25 cm
Depth 15 cm
Weight: 896g


Height  36.5 cm
Width  26.5 cm
Depth 14cm
Weight 1069g

 Reasons to choose NuLAND:

  • For the future of our children, focusing on the environment.
  • What NuLAND sought was not animal leather, but a fabric that would play a role in the recycling cycle of the future.
  • NuLAND aims to achieve a circular economy*** by using RENU®, a recyclable polyester made from used clothes and leftover fabric from factory production.
  • Considered lightness and ease of use. This bag weighs only 896 grams* so very easy to carry even for little ones.
  • A functional design that can adapt with a flexible gusset width.
  • Design and functionality. NuLAND has both.
  • The colours, forms, and clean lines were designed by top creator Rika Eguchi.
  • NuLAND  have created a sophisticated school bag design with every attention to detail, even down to the individual metal fittings.
  • Japanese school bags are required to have many functions, and NuLAND meets these practicalities with a flare of luxury.