Norwegian Rain - Single Breasted Homme Mid-Length Heringbone (Dark Navy)

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A classic single breasted coat. A well cut, easy to wear, and easy to style. Versatile in all it's simplicity, proving that less is always more! Waterproof, windproof, breathable, recycled, cashmere trimmings in collar, horn buttons, satin lining, water tunnel, defined shoulders, detachable storm flap, detachable hood - packed with function, the hi-tech is hidden.

Special feature: Collar lined with 100% cashmere



Brand description

Norwegian Rain was established in Bergen (Norway) by business graduate Alexander Helle. The idea was to create tailored rainwear with a sartorial elegance. Together with tailor T-Michael, they created Norwegian Rain. Even though Bergen is a relatively small city, it’s also one of the wettest cities in Europe, it rained for 276 days last year, which obviously makes Bergen the perfect environment to start a rainwear brand.