Norwegian Rain - Cap

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Size Ø
M 59-61cm 
L 61-63cm

- Ltd 1st Edition - Early bird
- 54 pieces - all numbered
- Labelled with our anniversary label; 10 years in 2020
- Oversized
- Waterproof
- Adjustable inside 
- Outer fabric 100% recycled polyester
- Unisex

Brand description

Norwegian Rain was established in Bergen (Norway) by business graduate Alexander Helle. The idea was to create tailored rainwear with a sartorial elegance. Together with tailor T-Michael, they created Norwegian Rain. Even though Bergen is a relatively small city, it’s also one of the wettest cities in Europe, it rained for 276 days last year, which obviously makes Bergen the perfect environment to start a rainwear brand. Since the start, the brand has been a huge success.