My Cup of Tea - Uji Shincha Blend (70g)

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The first harvest is known as ichibancha, which produces sencha shincha, meaning “new tea” and is only available once a year.

It is made from the very youngest leaves, loaded with nutrients that fed and protected the tea plants as they grew throughout winter. The first infusion offers a fresh and slightly fruity fragrance with a very long, sweet aftertaste. From the second infusion, richer floral aromas appear, with a lot more body and just a little astringency.

Brew: Measure 2g (1 teaspoon) per 200ml cup. Infuse at 65°C for 1 minute.

Brand Description 

Starting in 2008 with a desire to offer excellent quality teas and a background in herbalism and herbal blending, My CUP OF TEA started making their own tea and tisane blends using exceptional quality herbs, botanicals and essential oils in unusual combinations. Their product range has grown to include a selection of speciality tea ware, each piece selected with a focus on both functionality and beauty.