My Cup of Tea - Shizuoka Sencha Blend (70g)

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An incredibly sweet and fresh-tasting sencha sourced from 4th generation Japanese tea master Takada San. The bright emerald leaves brew a very flavoursome, creamy liquor with a distinctive umami flavour.

Harvested in early Spring near Mount Fuji, where the river mists roll across the terrain covering the tea plants in an early morning shroud that gives the tea its incredibly unique grassy character. 

The high altitude of the tea farm means the tea plant grows slowly, which contributes to its sweet taste. In Japan, high quality senchas like this are brewed in a small teapots called a houhin and sipped from small cups.

Brew: Measure 5g (1 heaped teaspoon) per 200ml cup. Infuse at 60°C for 1 minute. 


Brand Description 

Starting in 2008 with a desire to offer excellent quality teas and a background in herbalism and herbal blending, My CUP OF TEA started making their own tea and tisane blends using exceptional quality herbs, botanicals and essential oils in unusual combinations. Their product range has grown to include a selection of speciality tea ware, each piece selected with a focus on both functionality and beauty.