Muraco x Minotaur Poncho Tarp (Black)

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Exclusive to Pantechnicon

URBAN OUTDOOR item that tarp transforms into a poncho by a session with outdoor brand muraco full of craftsmanship.
High-performance TECH TARP PONCHO with a 3-layer structure of breathable waterproof fabric, waterproof performance (WATER RESISTANT) 20,000 mm, and breathable performance (BREATHABLE) 20,000 g.
With its ultra-lightweight and compact packable specifications, it can be used in a variety of situations, from outdoor activities to town use.

Material: Nylon 100%

H 240cm
W 160cm
* Central part measurement

Made in Japan

Brand description


Minotaur's products focus on comfort and necessity for the present age, while keeping one foot ahead towards the future. Inheriting traditional and universal techniques and elements, and pursuing new advancements for comfort and function, the apparel line maintains a casual and timeless style touch that easily adapts with the years. Utilizing the latest technology, and paying attention to every detail and stitch, Minotaur proposes a high-quality yet playful style that can be worn effortlessly.


Muraco was born at a small university. Polished in a world where 0.01mm error affects quality. Reliable technology is full of craftsmanship. The same values ​​in manufacturing - professionals with high abilities and aspirations. A product that gathers and grows beyond the boundaries of the organization. From various cultures without being bound by preconceived ideas. We will propose a new style that is inspired by it. A new choice for everyone who enjoys the outdoors.