Norwegian Rain - Moscow Homme Coat (Heringbone Black)

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All thanks to a new, game changing padding innovation from Switzerland that replaces polyester wadding with wool fibres, the Arctic Collection takes on the challenge of battling the down jackets on the market. 
The Moscow is a winter coat for the most biting cold. Light weight, tailored, warm, functional and refined. Trimmed with Icelandic wool shearling. 
The collar is detachable. A new classic with stealth.

Special feature: Detachable Icelandic wool shearling collar. Shearling lined also on chest and in hood. 

Mixed fabric – Norwegian Rain's all-year, best selling fabric; balancing weight, tech and style.

Herringbone – Elegance. Premium. With reference to tailoring. Most suitable for autumn / winter.



Brand description

Norwegian Rain was established in Bergen (Norway) by business graduate Alexander Helle. The idea was to create tailored rainwear with a sartorial elegance. Together with tailor T-Michael, they created Norwegian Rain. Even though Bergen is a relatively small city, it’s also one of the wettest cities in Europe, it rained for 276 days last year, which obviously makes Bergen the perfect environment to start a rainwear brand.