Misoka - Misoka For Kids Toothbrush

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MISOKA for Kids was created with an adorable design and high quality in the hope for little ones to get acquainted with tooth brushing at a very early age, and enjoy safe and stress-free tooth brushing.  

The hat-shaped protector is made of soft material and can be removed.  Remove the 'hat' protector when you wish to finish up brushing your child's teeth. 
Available in three different colours: Blue, Pink, and White.

Each MISOKA for Kids comes in a cylindrical gift box. Recommended for baby gifts and kids’ birthday gifts as well as for your own children’s daily use.

Designed for children aged one to five.

Brand Description 

Created by the company Yumeshokunin, meaning “Dream Craftsmen”, MISOKA forgoes automation in favour of involving as many craftsmen and craftswomen as possible – for example, MISOKA toothbrushes, from treatment of bristles to packaging and inspection, require no fewer than seven craftsmen and women involved. It is the attention of these experts to each and every one of our products that ensures their high quality.